Hair Styling and Cutting Toolbelt

If you want a new hairstyle, but you don't want to spend time at a salon, you can always cut your own hair. By choosing a simple style, you can cut long hair into a shorter, trendier style while saving time and money. Short hairstyles are perfect for warm summer months or when you don't have the time to spend hours styling and touching up during the day.

Find a picture of the hairstyle you want to create. Simple hairstyles are best when cutting your own hair short. Finding a picture of a hairstyle that is suitable for your hair's texture allows you to cut the hair without having to worry too much about altering your hair's natural structure.

Wet your hair. Cutting wet hair is easier than cutting dry hair. Keep in mind that as your hair dries, it will shrink a little, so be sure to find a length that's comfortable to wear when dry. Cutting off too much wet hair may result in a style that's too short. Fill a plastic spray bottle with water so you can keep your hair wet as you cut.

Use a pair of sharp scissors that are made for cutting hair. Begin by cutting small sections of your hair. Once you decide on a certain length, follow the natural pattern of your hair to ensure that the cut will be even. Refer to the mirror to monitor your progress. Keep in mind that while you can always cut your hair shorter, you cannot add length, so cutting a little bit of hair at a time will help you achieve the proper length.

Trim underlying hair first. Pin longer layers on the top of your head so you can easily find the underlying layers. These are the layers that are the closest to your neck. After cutting these layers, remove the pins and begin cutting the layers that grow from the crown of your head.

Trim your bangs last. This will help you determine the length and style. Use a towel to dry your hair before styling. Make any last-minute improvements by checking to make sure the sides of your hair are even. Trim any pieces that are longer in the front or the back. Use styling products to hold your new haircut in place.


  • Use more than one mirror to make sure the back of your hair is cut evenly.