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Slicing a flank steak against the grain is simple once the proper technique is put into use. Flank steaks are relatively long and flat pieces of meat that come from the abdominal muscles of a cow. The best way to prepare a flank steak is by cutting the meat against the grain to attain the best flavor and presentation. Follow these steps and you'll be able to show friends and family the proper way to cut against the grain on a flank steak.

Cutting a Flank Steak Against the Grain

Find the grain on the steak. The grain runs along the length of the meat. Don't pay attention to the grill marks on the steak; they can be mistaken for the grain. Hold steak down firmly with the carving fork.

Cut across the grain at an angle using the serrated knife. Slice at an angle through the steak until the piece of steak separates from the body. Make each slice about 1/2 inch thick.

Make each slice uniform in thickness for the best presentation. Repeat the cutting technique until the steak is fully sliced. The steak slices will now have shortened fibers, making each bite easier to chew.


Sharpen the knife to ensure you are cutting at full potential


Use caution when handling sharp objects. Always use the carving fork to ensure hands are nowhere near the knife while cutting.

Keep children away from you while cutting the steak to ensure their safety

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