By Cody Sorensen

Cutting chicken breast into strips may seem like an easy enough task, but cut it the wrong way and the strips can easily break up into little chunks. A chicken breast has a grain to the meat that grows parallel to the chicken's sternum. Knowing which way the grain of the meat grows enables a chef to make cuts to cook faster strips. This can also help when deciding how to cut the breasts based on the meal.

Chicken is considered a white meat.

Step 1

Lay the breast on a cutting board so that the thick side is on your left. The thick side is the side that was closest to the sternum before the breast was deboned.

Step 2

Hold the breast with your left hand and angle a serrated kitchen knife over the breast with your right hand. Angle the blade of the knife between a 60 to 70 degree angle from the left side of the breast.

Step 3

Cut the breast, at this diagonal, into strips 1 to 2 inches wide.