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Cutting chicken breast into strips may seem like an easy enough task, but cut it the wrong way and the strips can easily break up into little chunks. A chicken breast has a grain to the meat that grows parallel to the chicken's sternum. Knowing which way the grain of the meat grows enables a chef to make cuts to cook faster strips. This can also help when deciding how to cut the breasts based on the meal.

Lay the breast on a cutting board so that the thick side is on your left. The thick side is the side that was closest to the sternum before the breast was deboned.

Hold the breast with your left hand and angle a serrated kitchen knife over the breast with your right hand. Angle the blade of the knife between a 60 to 70 degree angle from the left side of the breast.

Cut the breast, at this diagonal, into strips 1 to 2 inches wide.


A sharp knife makes light work of cutting breasts into strips.


Keep the cutting area well sanitized and always sanitize your hands, cutting utensils and cutting boards after handling raw meat to avoid food-borne illnesses.