For many people, golden fried chicken is a fundamental part of regular mealtime, picnics, family gatherings and celebrations. An alternative to skillet or deep frying, pressure frying is the method used in many restaurants. If you don’t own a countertop pressure fryer appliance, you can substitute a specific type of pressure cooker/canner.

Pressure Cooker/Canner

Manufacturers of most pressure cookers and pressure canners advise against using their products for pressure frying. Oil for frying reaches temperatures of 400 degrees F or greater, while cookers and canners are designed to accommodate pressurized water temperatures of about 250 F or slightly higher. Oil and oil residues can cause rubber seals to deteriorate. Rubber or silicone seals become stressed and damaged under the high temperatures and pressure, which increases the likelihood of a seal leaking or breaking during subsequent use.

One brand of pressure cooker/canner has a metal-to-metal seal, locked by screw-down clamps. This brand offers a recipe and instructions for making pressure fried chicken safely in their product. (

Pressure Fried Chicken

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