Sitr-fried vegetables with beef

The electric wok is a kitchen appliance that is easily overlooked in many homes, but once used you will wonder how you ever cooked without it. Many people who try this style of cooking quickly begin using the electric wok for most of their meal preparations---even those who have no association with oriental cooking methods. The electric wok is well liked because it is so adaptable to any style of cooking.

Turn the wok on. Turn the heat setting to high and allow the wok to heat up.

Pour 2 tablespoons of cooking oil into the hot wok. Use an oven glove or hot pad to grab the wok and rotate it so that the oil evenly coats the sides.

Keeping the temperature of the wok on high, add the meat portion of your dish. Electric woks can easily hold a whole chicken or an entire roast, so you can be inventive with what you use. Cook on high until you have browned all the meat.

If you want stir fry, simply add your vegetables to the wok and stir continuously with the heat on high. Adding stir fry sauces can add flavor to the dish and also create a pleasant aroma as they sear to the side of the electric wok.

Roast your chicken slowly in a wok. Once the outside of the whole chicken is browned, reduce the heat to medium. Place the cover on the top of the wok and close the vent. Roast the chicken in this manner for 45 minutes per pound. The result is delicious chicken that melts away from the bone.

Consider making a pot roast in the electric wok. Once you have browned a large portion of red meat, add potatoes and carrots. Cover the wok and reduce the heat to medium, but leave the wok vent open. Add a cup of wine to enhance the flavor of your roast.

Use your electric wok as a steamer. Pour a small amount of water into the bottom of your wok. Fill a bamboo steaming basket with rice or vegetables and place it inside the wok. Bamboo steaming baskets are the perfect fit for an electric wok and will not catch fire. Turn the wok on high to generate steam. Use chicken broth to give your meat an extra kick.


Most electric woks feature a nonstick surface on the inside of the wok, giving them an advantage over traditional range-top woks.


The electric wok will be very hot and burn if you touch it with bare skin.