Ecuadorian seco de chivo stewed goat meat with a side dish of yellow rice and avocado close-up on a plate. horizontal

Goat meat is a commonly used protein in ethnic cuisine such as Mediterranean, Caribbean and Indian, but it is becoming increasingly incorporated into American cooking too. According to the USDA, cuts of meat from adult goats are known for relative toughness, but there are some best practice techniques and cooking styles that will help you achieve a delicious and tender final product.

Purchase fresh goat meat from your local butcher or market that has not previously been frozen to achieve the best results. Meat that is improperly packaged or frozen too long can suffer freezer burn which will ultimately affect the flavor and the toughness of the cut of meat.

Tenderize the cut of goat meat manually before cooking by pounding it with a tenderizing mallet or scoring it with a knife. This process will flatten out the meat and breakdown the muscle fibers and the structure that add to the toughness of a lean and low-fat meat such as goat.

Marinate the goat meat rather than prepping it for cooking with a dry rub. Allowing the cut to bathe in the added moisture will help transfer juices into the goat., recommends marinating the goat overnight and incorporating enzymatic ingredients such as kiwi, papaya, raw pineapple to help break down the touch protein structure of the goat.

Opt for a slow cooking technique rather than a high heat, grill or pan-frying option. The slow application of heat over an extended period of time will help to tenderize the goat meat in your recipe. Consider making a stew or braising the meat to best achieve the culinary potential of goat meat.