If you are tired of your existing T-shirt collection, it is easy to customize your tees to give them a new look. Many people have dozens of T-shirts in their closet, waiting to be updated. By cutting a V in a T-shirt neck, you can create a new look and also make the T-shirt more flattering for different figures. A deep V within a neckline can draw the eye downward and create a longer and more lean look to your figure. All you need is about 10 minutes and some household items to create a new neckline for your T-shirt.

Put on the T-shirt you wish to have the V cut into.

Mark a dot on the lowest point of where you want the V to end above your breast bone. Doing this will prevent you from cutting too deep.

Lay your T-shirt flat on a table with the front facing up. Make sure to spread the T-shirt completely flat, without any wrinkles or bumps.

Trace a V in the neck of the T-shirt starting at the point you marked when the T-shirt was on you. Follow up the neckline and end at the tag.

Cut the V in the T-shirt.

Put the T-shirt on and make sure the V is the right fit for you. At this point, you can continue to trim the V, if needed.


  • Always start with a conservative cut. You can always cut away more but it is impossible to correct if you cut too much away.