How to Cut a Crew Neck Shirt to Make It Cute

By Stephanie Waszak

You can give an old, crew-neck T-shirt that has seen better days a new life. The do-it-yourself community has transformed old shirts to fashionable new styles for years. You don't even have to be an avid sewer because some transformations require only minimal sewing or no sewing. A crew-neck T-shirt can be revamped into a tank top, off-the-shoulder shirt, scarf, pillow or purse. Transforming a crew-neck T-shirt to a tank top is simple and takes very little time.

Any T-shirt can be tranformed to a new style.

Step 1

Cut off a crew-neck T-shirt's collar and sleeves right under the seam. Place a tank top nearby so you can use it as a visual guide.

Step 2

Stitch along the top of the area from which you removed the sleeves. The stitches will prevent the material from tearing. You may hem along the edges of the armhole and neck to reinforce the seam, but doing so is not necessary.

Step 3

Turn the shirt inside out, and use a chalk marker to draw eight 10-inch horizontal marks that are 1 inch apart from each other across the back of the shirt. Start the topmost line about 3 inches from the shirt's top, and make the lowest line 4 inches from the shirt's bottom.

Step 4

Place one piece of cardboard inside the shirt, between its front and back layers.

Step 5

Cut along the lines you marked on the back of the shirt. Cut only the shirt's back. Flip the shirt right-side out, and it's ready to wear.