When curling children's hair, you need to keep safety in mind, since they can be on the squirmy side. It's best to refrain from any methods that use heat. Pin curls are a great way to curl kids' hair. They create a beautiful curl, they last a long time, and no one will get hurt.

Decide what kind of style you'd like to create: free-flowing curls or a curly ponytail or pigtails? If you want to put the child's hair up, it's best to style it before you proceed, to reduce any frizzing later on.

Gather approximately a 1-inch section of hair. For a looser, wavy curl, gather a bigger section; for a tighter ringlet curl, gather a smaller section.

Lightly mist the entire length of sectioned hair with water from a spray bottle. The hair should be damp, with no excess water dripping.

Twist and curl the sectioned hair. Use your pointer finger to twist all the hair in the same direction. Once the hair stops twisting with ease, keep hold of the ends to keep the hair twisted in place. Coil the entire length of the twist into a quarter-size circle.

Pin the coiled twist in place with a bobby pin. Thicker hair may require more than one bobby pin. Make sure the curl is very secure. Arrange the pins however you like; they won't affect the look of your finished style.

Remove the pins when your child's hair is completely dry. (You may want to do the pincurling at night, so the hair can dry while the child sleeps.) The hair must be completely dry or the curls will not hold. Remove all of the pins without separating the curls just yet.

Apply hair spray. Cover your child's eyes with one of your hands. With your free hand, spray an even coat of hair spray across the hair. This will create a little extra holding power.

Finish the style by separating the curls. Place your fingers within the curls and lightly shake them from side to side. Refrain from brushing through the hair, as this will eliminate the curls' body.


  • Switch the direction of each curl for a more natural look.