How to Curl Hair Using Cloth Twists

By LeafTV Editor

Have you ever wanted curly hair but hate the hassle of curling irons and rollers? Using cloth strips twisted in your hair is an easy and beautiful alternative. The twists create gorgeous spiral curls that look much more natural than the structured feel of rollers and doesn't use the heat of a curling iron to damage your hair. And the best part is, it should be done at night, so the curls can set while you sleep. It's especially good for people who have a bit more time at night than in the morning before work, school or wherever the day may lead them.

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How To Curl Hair Using Cloth Twists


Find an old T-shirt, sweats or other item that can be easily cut and doesn't shed. With your scissors, cut strips of fabric from the item, approximately 6 inches long and about a half-inch to an inch wide. You should cut about 15 strips, which may not be necessary for those with less hair but can always be used if some strips tear.

After the strips are cut, either take a shower or wet your hair. This makes it easier to work with and will set the curls better. Start by brushing or combing your hair through, relieving any knots.

Use the comb or brush to separate your hair. Take the top two-thirds of your hair and put it into a hair clip or hair tie, leaving the lowest third of your hair to work with. Then, separate the lowest third of hair (the section not included in the clip) into three or four small sections of about 2 inches each.

Take the first small 2-inch section of hair and with one hand hold a strip of cloth. With the other hand, begin wrapping the hair section around the cloth strip in the same spot. When the hair can be wrapped no longer, tie a knot in the cloth strip, holding the hair section tightly in the middle. Be sure the knot is tight, but don't double knot it. It will make it much more difficult to untie in the morning.

Continue with the other small sections in the lowest third of your hair. When the knots are tied, take the remaining hair from the clip or tie and begin on the next third, clipping or tying the highest section of hair for later use. Split the section into smaller areas once again, usually three or four pieces. Begin the cloth twisting again for this middle-hair section. When done, unclip or untie the top-most hair and section off once again. Continue twisting the top until all hair is in cloth twists. If any twists feel loose, use a bobby pin to keep in place.

After a full night's rest, your hair should be dry and ready to be taken out. Make sure to pull out any bobby pins first. Then untie the cloth knot and slide the cloth out of the curl, without pulling on the actual curl. Do this for all cloth twists. When all twists are out, either put a small amount of curling mousse on your palm or use a shine serum with some hold. Run your fingers through your hair to separate some curls and add volume. The style can be worn down, half-up or in a curly updo for casual to more classy occasions.


  • Be sure your hair is dry before taking out twists for the best quality curls.