How to Crinkle Dreads

By Jordan Whitehouse

When the Rastafarian movement began in Jamaica in the 1930s, followers were looking to aspects of the Old Testament of the bible to guide them. One passage they found would inspire the way they wore their hair: "All the days of the vow of separation, no razor shall pass over his head. Until the day be fulfilled of his consecration to the Lord, he shall be holy, and shall let the hair of his head grow." Thus, Rastafarians adopted dreadlocks to honor this passage of the bible. Although dreadlocks look very similar from person to person, they can be worn and styled in a few different ways, such as by crinkling them.

Crinkling dreadlocks will take a few hours.

Step 1

Wash your hair as you normally would.

Step 2

Braid your hair into single plaits while it is still wet. Your hair must be wet first for the crinkle to work.

Step 3

Allow your hair to dry completely. Depending on the length of your hair, this could take several hours.

Step 4

Unravel the braids one at a time. Your dreadlocks will be crinkled.