Using a little makeup or even just a little glue, you can make your face look years, or even decades, older and full of wrinkles. This can be fun to do for a night out on the town at Halloween, for a costume party, or even just to get gasps out of your family and friends.

Create Makeup wrinkles

Apply a flesh-colored makeup foundation or base to your skin. Choose a color that is a little lighter than your skin tone if you want to appear a bit pale.

Put the same color of makeup on your neck to avoid having neck skin that looks unnaturally darker or lighter than your face.

Look in a mirror and frown, smile, smirk, or otherwise manipulate your skin a bit to cause natural wrinkle lines to appear.

Use a dark-brown eyeliner to draw a very thin line above each of the wrinkles you see in the mirror. Draw the line a bit thicker towards the center of each wrinkle on your face, allowing the line to fade out a bit as you start to move towards the ends of the wrinkle.

Draw a thin line below each wrinkle, using a lighter brown eyeliner pencil.

Use your finger to blend each line and make your wrinkles look more natural. Do this lightly, however, to avoid messing up your handiwork.

Create Glue Wrinkles

Open a container of nontoxic white school glue.

Puff out your cheeks, flare your nostrils or stretch the skin wherever you'd like to add your wrinkles.

Apply the white glue where you would like the wrinkles to appear, working with smalls area of skin and leaving your skin stretched out during the application.

Allow the glue to air dry on your face while your skin is still stretched out, or use a blow dryer on its lowest setting to make quicker work of it.

Let go of your stretched-out skin and allow your face to relax, viewing your work in a mirror.


  • Rub your hand lightly over your face after your glue wrinkles have dried to make your skin look dry and wrinkly at the same time.

  • Splash a little cold water on your newly wrinkled face and use a clean paper towel to blot it dry, setting your makeup in place.