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For women, it's not too difficult to get wavy and thick-looking hair (there are hot rollers, curling irons and mousse). For men, however, it's a little different. Men with longer hair can use the same methods as women. But for men with shorter hair, a different method is required. Saltwater not only helps nourish hair but it helps to add texture and wave to even the straightest of hair.

Fill an empty spray bottle with warm water.

Add two tbsp. of coarse sea salt to the water.

Shake the bottle to thoroughly dissolve the salt.

Add one tsp. of hair gel into the saltwater for added texture. Shake the bottle to mix the gel with the saltwater.

Wet your hair with warm water.

Towel dry your hair until it is damp. Spray the saltwater on your hair, thoroughly saturating it. Comb it through with your fingers.

Run your fingers through your hair as your hair dries.