How to Create Floppy, Wavy Hair

By LeafTV Editor

Waves are beautiful way to style your hair, creating a look that is naturally glamorous. Unfortunately, using a curling iron can result in waves that are a little too tight and controlled. You can achieve the look you want by using more natural means. Manipulating the hair by styling it while wet is a way to get gorgeous waves.

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How To Create Floppy Wavy Hair


Wash your hair as usual and towel it dry so that it is still damp but not soaking wet.

Apply a small handful of mousse to your hair and comb it through with your fingers to evenly distribute it. This will help the waves to hold. For longer hair, use an amount about the size of a lime; if your hair is shorter or fine, a golf ball size is best.

Use a comb to separate your hair into two equally sized sections as if you were about to put your hair into pigtails. Loosely braid each side starting as close to your head as possible. Secure the braids with hair ties.

Let your hair completely dry while in the braids. It is easiest if you make the braids before you go to bed at night so that, by the time you wake up, your hair will be dry.

Remove the hair ties and shake your hair out with your hands. Secure the waves with a quick mist of flexible-hold hairspray.