How to Create 1920s Hairstyles

By Tobias Starr

In the 1920s, there was a revolutionary change with how women were cutting and styling their hair. Up until that point, a woman's hair was expected to be long and luxurious; however, this was a decade of rebellion. Women began smoking in public, showing their knees and cutting their hair off to short lengths that were previously reserved for men only. The 1920s bob, which was considered scandalous, was once blamed for loose morality, but once it came on the scene, there was no stopping this hairstyle. Worn straight or set in finger waves, women were allowed to express their individuality.

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Finger Waves

Step 1

Wet your hair, so it's damp, not soaking wet.

Step 2

Part your hair down the middle or side and comb through, so there are no more tangles.

Step 3

Rub setting lotion into one side of your hair.

Step 4

Divide that side of your hair into 1-inch sections.

You may use hairpins in place of wave-setting clips.

Step 5

Hold one section, and with your left-hand index finger (or if you're left-handed, use your right-hand index finger), hold the hair back from the hairline. At the same time, use the comb to brush the hair down past your index finger. This will create a curved shape. Use a wave-setting clip to hold this wave in place.

Step 6

Put your index finger below the clip and do the same thing. Use your finger to hold the hair in one direction, while your use your comb to comb it in the opposite direction, creating another curve. Clip it in place.

Step 7

Continue doing this all the way down the hair shaft. If you hair is medium in length, you can probably use three to four clips per section.

Step 8

Continue to follow this method with the rest of your hair, working your hair from the front to the crown at the back.

Step 9

Apply setting lotion to the other side of your head, and repeat from the hairline to the crown. Allow your hair to sit until the setting lotion dries. Remove clips gently.

1920s Bob

Step 10

Ask your hairstylist to cut a blunt bob that is even with the bottom of your ears all the way around.

Step 11

Decide whether you want a 1920s bob with blunt bangs that end right above your brows or no bangs at all.

Step 12

Wear your bob with your natural texture. If you have straight hair, you may rub hair oil into it to give it the glossy, sleek 1920s bob look, or you may allow it to be fluffy and wavy or even enhance your bob with finger waves. Finger waves in the 1920s were worn in bobs and sometimes longer hairstyles.