Woman with bandages across her lips

Lips wounds such as cuts or other lacerations are painful, but to add insult to injury, they are also very noticeable and sometimes embarrassing. Of course you would need to go to a doctor if your wound is deep enough to need stitches, or if the wound becomes infected. But if you want to go about your daily life without the scabbed wound on your lip taking center stage, there is a way you can cover it so that it is not as noticeable.

Wash your face gently with mild soap and water and rinse thoroughly. Do not rub or scrub the area around the wound, as this will only worsen any redness and irritation. Do not use alcohol or peroxide on the wound. Let the wound dry completely.

Dab some concealer with a green tint on the wound and any red surrounding areas. The green will neutralize the redness. Use yellow on any areas that have a purple or blue hue to neutralize them. Then use a conceal that is the color of the rest of your skin to cover the whole wound. Blend it in well.

Pat cosmetic loose powder over the concealer with a cotton ball to set it and prevent the natural oils in your skin from causing the concealer to run. You may need to apply more concealer and powder throughout the day, especially after you eat or drink. Avoid touching your lips or pressing them together.

Wash your face at night before bed with mild soap and water and remove all makeup from the wound. Apply an antibiotic healing ointment to the wound and cover the laceration with a small adhesive bandage so the ointment doesn't rub off in your sleep.