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Micro Braiding takes five to six hours to complete and can last for up to three months. Parting the hair is an important step in micro braiding. If the hair is parted incorrectly, the style looks incompetent, and for as long as this process takes to complete, you do not want to start over. Learning to part hair for micro braids allows the braids to look efficient and professional.

Separate the hair into four sections. Use the end of the rat tail comb to section the hair. Starting from the middle of the front hairline, separate the hair in a vertical direction until you reach the back of the hairline. Starting at the left ear, separate the hair in a horizontal direction, until you reach the right ear.

Clip the sectioned hair. Using the section clips, gather one section of hair into your hand, and place a clip over the hair. Clip three sections of the hair, leaving one back section remaining.

Part the hair to begin micro braiding. Using the end of a the rat tail comb to individually part the hair. Begin at the nape of the hairline. Part a tiny piece of the hair into a triangular or square shape. Parting the hair in a shaped form allows your fingers to easily grip the hair when braiding and also gives the hairstyle a crisp pattern. Use this technique through styling the hair.

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