Pork tenderloins come from the back of the pig, stretching from the hind leg to the shoulder. A tender cut of lean meat, tenderloins can be easy to overcook. The company Smithfield brines or marinates their pork tenderloins before packaging them, to help retain moisture during cooking. Pork tenderloins respond best to high-heat cooking methods. You can pan fry, grill, broil or roast pork tenderloin.

Smithfield Tenderloins

Smithfield trims their tenderloins, leaving almost no fat on the exterior. Brined Smithfield tenderloins taste salty but do not have any other added seasoning. Marinated tenderloins come in a range of flavors, including garlic and herb, mesquite and teriyaki. Smithfield sells pork tenderloins in vacuum-sealed packages.

Marinating and De-brining

To reduce the saltiness of a brined tenderloin, let the meat rest out of its package, submerged in a tub of cool water in the fridge for 30 to 60 minutes to draw out excess salt. You can increase the seasoning of a marinated tenderloin — plain or already seasoned — to adjust the flavor to your preferences. However, because of the already high sodium content of Smithfield tenderloins, avoid adding salty or high-sodium marinades or ingredients such as soy sauce.

Cooking Tenderloin

Oven roasting provides a high cooking temperature with a minimal amount of fuss. To roast a tenderloin, preheat the oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit and cook the tenderloin for roughly 10 minutes. Grill tenderloin over high heat for about the same amount of time, closing the cover and turning the loin halfway through the process. Broiled tenderloin cooks a little faster than roasted tenderloin, but watch out for charring and burning, especially if you have a sweet glaze on the meat, such as honey.

Internal Temperature and Resting

The U.S. Department of Agriculture puts the safe internal temperature for pork at 145 Fahrenheit. Tent the cooked tenderloin with foil for at least three minutes before you serve. This lets the juices redistribute and the meat continue cooking, for safe-to-eat, juicy pork.