How to Cook Dry Pinto Beans in One Hour Using a Pressure Cooker

By LeafTV Team

Dry beans to delicious beans in one hour. Just follow these simple instructions. Please note the following is based on using 10lb. of pressure in your cooker.

Dried pinto beans in a pile on a white background
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Step 1

If you have not read my article on "How to use a pressure cooker to prepare everyday meals" please do so. In your 6qt cooker place one pound of pinto beans oo up to 1-1/2 pounds if you desire. You will need to place twice the amount of water as beans by volume. Add the ham hock for seasoning. Place lid on cooker and lock in place. Turn heat on high. Once you feel hot air coming from the valve place regulator on top of valve. Once the regulator starts to jiggle or hiss start your timing. Slowly turn heat down one notch at a time til the regulator jiggles about three time a minutes. Cook bean for 60 to 65 minutes.

Step 2

Remove from heat and run cold water over cooker or remove regulator and allow all steam to vent thru valve. Make sure all pressure has vented before removing lid. Salt to taste.

Step 3

For a real Southern meal (soul food) serve with chow chow, fried potatoes and onion, cron bread, and collards.