How to Warm Up Refried Beans

By LeafTV Contributor

Refried beans provide a traditional side dish for Mexican entrees. The beans also are suitable for use in dips and as a tortilla filling. Refried beans are made from pinto beans that are first boiled until tender then mashed and cooked with spices. Once prepared the beans require no additional cooking except to warm them up. Both homemade and canned refried beans are reheated with the same method, which prevents them from drying out so they remain creamy.

Homemade Refried Pinto Beans
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How To Warm Up Refried Beans

Place the refried beans in a pot. Heat the pot over medium heat on the stovetop.

Stir the beans. Refried beans stick to the bottom of the pot if they aren't stirred constantly during reheating.

Add water or chicken broth to the beans, 1 tsp. at a time. Reheating dries out the beans. The amount of water depends on your desired texture. More water creates runnier beans and less makes the refried beans firmer.

Reheat the beans for approximately five minutes or until heated through. Do not allow the beans to boil -- it dries them out and causes the beans in the bottom of the pot to burn.


  • Refried beans also warm up well in the microwave. Heat on high for four minutes in a covered container, stirring once. Microwaved beans are more prone to drying than those heated on the stove.