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Nikes in many colors and designs make them the ultimate fashionable sneaker brand for men and women alike. Many of the styles are unisex. Here's how to convert men's sizes into women's.

Make sure you're already wearing the correct women's shoe size before you start looking for your size in men's. Take your heel-to-toe measurement and follow Nike's fit guide for women to find the Nike shoe size for your foot length. To get a precise measurement, stand on a piece of paper and trace your foot shape.

Although you may be tempted to simply compare your heel-to-toe measurement to the men's sizing chart, don't—there's more to fit than just length, and the shape differences in typical men's and women's feet are reflected in Nike sneaker design.

Typically, women with average feet should subtract 1 1/2 sizes from their women's Nike size to get the corresponding men's size. This formula varies by brand.

Once you've secured that perfect pair and want some inspiration on style, here's how to rock your sneakers and what outfits suit your workout best.