How to Conceal Eyelid Wrinkles

By Kylie Keeler

You've hidden your crow's feet, concealed those dark circles and even managed to minimize your laugh lines, but what about eyelid wrinkles? Concealing eyelid wrinkles is a little trickier than some of the other make-up tricks you may use to appear younger. In most cases, concealing eyelid wrinkles isn't so much about covering up instead of taking the focus away from the less than savory spots on your eyelids.

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credit: NA/ Images


Step 1

Stay away from shimmery, bright colors that bring more attention to your eyelids. These colors will put the focus on your eyelids, causing any wrinkles on your eyelids to stand out. Eyeshadows that have shimmery glitter in their base allow the glitter to settle into wrinkles and crevices causing the shadow to emphasize any eyelid wrinkles.

Step 2

Apply neutral shades of eyeshadow such as beige or taupe. These shades will cover the eyelid without bringing any unwanted attention to your problem areas. Apply the eyeshadow by dusting a light layer of shadow across the lid and blending near the brow bone.

Step 3

Accentuate your lashes to pull some of the focus away from your eyelids. Use an eyelash curler and a dark mascara to make your lashes pop. If people focus on how gorgeous your lashes look, they'll be less likely to notice any flaws or wrinkles.

Step 4

Use a cream eyeliner. Blend the eyeliner along your lash line with a fine eyeliner brush. Soften any hard lines by blending the line with a cotton swab.