How to Color Gray Hair Using Lowlights

By Kathy Mayse

Low-lighting, a reverse-frosting technique used to add dimension and blend away gray hair, can be performed easily at home by anyone who wants to make gray hair appear less noticeable. Low-lighting involves coloring select strands of hair a darker color or the natural color of the hair to lessen the percentage of gray hair. Gray will not completely disappear with this technique, but the growing out process looks more natural than it does with overall color. Frequent touch ups are not necessary; touch ups are required every three to four months instead of every six to eight weeks.

Mature woman turning head, close-up
credit: Ralf Nau/Digital Vision/Getty Images

Step 1

Comb or brush clean, dry hair until all tangles have been removed. Work a dime-sized amount of silk serum through the hair using your fingers. Comb the hair straight back and tuck behind the ears. Put on the frosting cap and tie the strings under the chin to hold the cap firmly in place.

Step 2

Put on the frosting cap. You will be pulling hair through each of the cap's pre-punched holes. Do not try to pull only gray hair through the holes. Pull through a mixture of hair by inserting the frosting needle into the hole at a 45-degree angle. Hook a small strand of hair, and pull the hair slowly through the pre-punched hole. Repeat for every hole on the frosting cap.

Step 3

Pour 2 oz. of color into the color bottle, add 2 oz. of 20-volume developer, and screw on the bottle lid. Put on the gloves, place your finger over the hole on the tip of the bottle lid, and shake vigorously until the color and developer are blended.

Step 4

Apply a liberal amount of hair color to the hair that has been pulled through the cap by squeezing the color directly onto the hair and working the color into the hair with your fingertips. Apply color until all of the hair is completely saturated. Set a timer for 30 minutes.

Step 5

Do not remove the frosting cap. Rinse all of the color from the outside of the frosting cap. Work a small amount of shampoo through the hair, untie the cap and pull it off of the head. Wet the hair. Shampoo twice to ensure complete removal of the hair color. Condition, dry and style.