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Pores can get clogged by many things, from dirt to grease, and you may sometimes notice tiny hairs coming out of them. These hairs are natural, but you may find them bothersome. You can easily remove these pore hairs at home with the help of a few beauty tools.

Wash your face with a cleanser and some warm water. For oily skin, use a cleanser that has acne medication to help remove excess grease. For normal skin, stick to a basic combination-skin cleanser. If you have dry skin, try a gentle cream cleanser that will add light moisture.

Combine one small tomato cut up into small chunks, ½ cup pure sugar, and a couple of tablespoons of plain yogurt in a bowl. Mix with a spoon or use your fingers to gently mash the mixture together.

Dampen your face and apply the mixture in gentle circular motions, paying attention to any areas in which hair is in pores. This natural exfoliant will help remove dead skin and loosen and remove some of the hairs.

Leave the exfoliating mixture on for about 10 minutes, then rinse skin thoroughly. Pat skin dry with a dry clean cloth, avoiding rubbing or wiping your skin and causing damage.

Wet fingers and smooth down the pore strip firmly so that the pore strip is dampened and will dry onto your skin. Let the strips dry thoroughly for about 15 minutes. Slowly peel back the pore strips. You should be able to see the tiny hairs attached to the pore strips.

With tweezers, gently pluck any small hairs remaining in pores. Apply a cold cloth to the face for about 5 minutes to help shrink pores.


For a natural pore strip, apply the skin of an eggshell. Allow it to dry onto your skin for at least 15 minutes, then pull back.