Cleaning silver jewelry

One seldom forgets the stunning look and feel of a liquid silver necklace. This southwestern-style necklace, frequently of Native American design and manufacture, is made up of hundreds of tiny silver tubules on a steel string. Because of the large amount of silver tubules, the necklace takes on a cascading, fluid look, enhanced by the dazzling shine of bright silver. Keep your liquid silver necklace free of tarnish by regularly cleaning it.

Sprinkle about 1 tsp. of baking powder onto a soft cloth.

Close the cloth gently around the necklace with one hand, and repeatedly draw its full length through the cloth with your free hand.

Rotate the necklace after a few swipes through the cloth to ensure tarnish is removed from all sides of the tubules. If necessary, firmly rub the cloth directly over stubborn spots of tarnish.

Shake out the necklace to discard any excess baking powder, and wipe off the remainder with a clean, dry cloth.

Store your clean liquid silver necklace in a small, air-tight plastic bag. Reducing air moisture will help prevent tarnishing.