For centuries, beer has been used to make breads, batters, and cakes – and often to quaff at the end of a long day at work. However, the powerful proteins, yeast and B vitamins in this age-old liquid also soften and volumize hair. Whether you try a full mask or a quick rinse, beer is an all-natural ally in the shower.

Beer has highly moisturizing properties, and if you mix it with a natural oil, your hair will be silky and soft after one use. Pour 1 cup of beer into a container and allow it to go flat. Add a tablespoon of a natural oil, such as coconut or olive, and mix together.

After shampooing your strands, apply the mixture to your hair, focusing on your ends for an extra moisture boost. Let it sit in place between five and 15 minutes. Rinse out the mixture with lukewarm water, making sure you remove any leftover beer mix completely.

If you want to pamper your hair with a full spa treatment, then beer pairs with other natural ingredients for an additive-free, softening hair mask. Mash a banana, and add one egg yolk, 1/2 cup of flat beer and a tablespoon of honey. Mix the ingredients together until well combined.

Shampoo your hair and apply the mixture to your damp strands from root to tip. Leave the mask in place for up to 30 minutes to infuse your locks with moisture and strengthening proteins from the beer. Rinse it out thoroughly. You can lightly shampoo your hair a second time to remove any buildup from the mask; just use a gentle shampoo to leave your hair extra soft.