Acrylic tanning beds have a special coating that can be easily damaged by the wrong type of cleaner. If you damage the acrylic, your bed can actually weaken over time, in addition to the scratches in the surface providing a breeding ground for bacteria and other organisms even when the rest of the bed has just been cleaned. Keeping your tanning bed clean is vital to your health and critical to the success of any tanning salon.

Put on your rubber gloves. The cleaning process that you are about to undertake can be hard on the skin of your hands.

Prepare your solutions. In one bottle, you should combine the bleach and water in a 1:9 ratio. If you have one ounce of bleach, you will need nine ounces of water. In another bottle, mix the soap and the water in an 2:8 ratio, meaning that if you have two ounces of liquid soap then you will need eight ounces of water. Fill the last spray bottle with water. Once you have the lids on tightly, then you can shake all of these bottles gently to mix the solutions.

Clean the tanning bed with the soap and water solution. There may be a bit of foaming on the bed when you spray the solution. Wipe the bed down thoroughly once you have sprayed it with the solution. Make sure that you get every corner. By the time you are done, your cloth will be damp and your bed should be nearly if not totally dry.

Spray the bed down with the bleach and water solution. This will remove any bacteria that the soap and water did not kill. Make sure that you get every corner, and if there is a slight seam between the acrylic and the mounting plate that holds the acrylic, make sure that you also clean right up against this area. As before, when you are finished your second cloth should be damp and the bed should be nearly dry if not fully dry.

Rinse the bed with the clean water. This will remove any soap or bleach residue that might irritate skin when someone next uses the bed. If you like, let the water sit for about 20 seconds before wiping down the bed for the last time. Make sure that the bed is dry when you are done wiping it with your third cloth, even if you have to run the cloth over it several times.