Before you first use your Keurig coffeemaker, perform an initial cleansing brew without a K-Cup, Vue or Rivo Pack inserted. Plug the machine in, add water to the reservoir and press "Brew." Discard the water in your mug and then enjoy a mug of coffee.

Thereafter, you'll need to perform routine cleaning of the external housing, the drip tray, the pack holder and the cold water reservoir, as well as descaling the machine, whether it is a single-serve or the newer multiple-serve models.

Wipe the housing of the machine with a damp, lint-free cloth periodically. Remove the drip tray and dump any contents in the sink. Hold the tray under running water and wipe it clean.

Unplug the machine and lift up the handle. Tug on the rim of the K-Cup holder with two fingers until it lifts out of the brewing chamber. Tug on the funnel at the bottom of the cup holder to free it from the top. Eyeball the exit needle in the funnel to see if it is clear of coffee grounds. If not, unfold a paperclip and press it through the needle from the bottom.

Remove the lid and set it aside. Lift the retaining tab and rock the reservoir off the base.

Pour any water out of the reservoir. Dampen a non-abrasive, lint-free cloth and wipe the inside of the reservoir.

Avoid drying the reservoir, which can leave undesired lint on the reservoir. If you have a Mini Keurig, replace the water level guide, add water, place the reservoir in the base and add the lid.

Descale your brewer every three to six months. Empty any water in the reservoir into the sink, and set aside a water filter if present.

Disable the auto-off feature on the brewer; this feature is somewhat counterintuitive. You may have to tap the small round button on models such as the B-70 to the left of the "Menu" button until the display jumps from 9:00 p.m. or 12:00 p.m. to "off," or simply press "Auto Off" until its green light goes off, for the top-selling K-40 and 45 models.

Fill the cold-water reservoir three-quarters full with undiluted white vinegar.

Place a large ceramic mug -- avoid using a paper cup -- on the drip tray. Turn on the brewer and press "brew" with the chamber empty of a K-Cup, Vue or Rivo Pack and using the largest brew size. Pour the contents of the mug into the sink.

Repeat the cleansing brews until your brewer reads "add water." Let the brewer stand for four hours with the power on. After this time, pour out any remaining liquid from the reservoir and rinse it thoroughly.

Fill the reservoir with fresh water. Run a cleansing brew with clean water. Repeat the cleansing brews at least 11 times, which will likely entail two or perhaps three refills of the reservoir. Reinstall the water filter. The brewer is ready for use.


If you have a Mini Keurig, repeat with a second vinegar rinse and a 30-minute minute soak before running a cleansing brew with clean water.