After you've finished cooking on your George Foreman grill, the appliance may be a little messy. The exact method of cleaning depends on the type of grill you have, but the process is relatively simple.

Some George Foreman grills have removable, dishwasher-safe grill plates. If your grill has these, simply unplug the grill and wait for it to cool. Remove the grill plates. These plates require very little attention; place them in the dishwasher with the rest of your dishes or soak them in warm, soapy water and dry them with a soft towel. Once the plates are dry, reattach them.

If your grill lacks a removable plate, cleanup is still very simple.

Step 1: Prepare the Grill

Unplug your grill from the wall. Lift the grill cover to reveal the grill plate; hold the grill open while cleaning it. Use the plastic spatula that came with your grill to scrape off any remaining fat or food and collect it in the plastic drip tray. Put the drip tray to one side.

Step 2: Wipe the Grill

Soak a sponge in warm, soapy water and wipe the grill plate thoroughly. Once you've covered the entire area, rinse the sponge, soak it in water and wipe the grill plate again. Dry the grill plate with a paper towel. Remove any persistent stains or grease with a scrubbing pad.

Step 3: Clean the Drip Tray

Empty the drip tray; immerse it in warm, soapy water and scrub it thoroughly with a sponge. Rinse the drip tray and dry it with a paper towel.


Even if your grill doesn't have removable grill plates, you can still clean the drip tray and spatula in a dishwasher; just remove the worst of heavy buildup such as melted cheese first.