By David Coodin

Carrots are a crunchy root vegetable that are high in vitamin A. You can cook carrots into dishes such as casseroles and soups, or eat them raw as a crunchy and healthy snack. While it is common to peel carrots, a carrot's skin contains nutrients and fiber. Clean carrots without peeling them by assembling the proper tools and being careful to get rid of all dirt and pesticides.

Carrots are a versatile summer vegetable.

Step 1

Wash all surfaces and utensils, especially if you have handled raw meat or poultry. Make sure your knife and cutting board are clean.

Step 2

Wash your carrots thoroughly under cold water to remove dirt. Use your fingers to remove all visible dirt and residue from the carrots.

Step 3

Scrub the carrots with a vegetable brush under lukewarm water. Avoid all soaps, washes or bleaches. Scrub well for a few minutes. Make sure all the dirt is removed from your carrots.

Step 4

Place the carrots on the cutting board. Cut off the long green stems and any dirt that might be in them.