How to Tell if Scallops Are Cooked Thoroughly

By Jaimie Zinski

Scallops are prized for their texture, taste and versatility. These marine bivalves are prepared in several different ways, including baking and frying, and can be purchased fresh and frozen. Once scallops are brought to room temperature, they are cooked quickly in order to avoid overcooking, which will leave the seafood rough and unappealing. There are several tell-tale signs that will let any cook know that the scallops are fully cooked and ready to eat.

Thoroughly cook scallops to avoid food borne illness.

Step 1

Purchase scallops that are pink and smell good. If the scallops smell off, avoid purchasing them at the store or throw them away when you get home.

Step 2

Prepare and cook the scallops as desired. There are several ways to prepare and bake or fry scallops. Bring scallops to room temperature before preparing to help cook the seafood more quickly.

Step 3

Poke the scallop with a fork. If the scallop is still mushy, continue to cook. Scallops are done when the scallop has slightly hardened and the fork should bounce back slightly.

Step 4

Look at the appearance of the scallops. When a scallop is done all the way through it will take on an opaque appearance. The outside of the scallop will also be browned if it is being pan fried.