How to Choose the Best Makeup if You're Freckled

By LeafTV Editor

Whether your complexion is lightly sprinkled or kissed heavily with freckles, speckled skin presents a distinct set of challenges when it comes to makeup. But fear not. Using the right base -- be it mineral makeup or a tinted moisturizer -- blush and lipstick will illuminate and enhance your dotted skin.

Discover Your Skin Tone

Freckles appear in almost all ethnicities, so determining your skin's shade is a must. This step is tricky given that your skin is uneven and multicolored. Sage advice from makeup artist Allie Clark, as she told Refinery29, is, "Try to aim for a happy medium shade, between the skin color under the freckles and the freckles themselves." Sunlight will help bring out your true skin color, so avoid making this determination in your low-lit bathroom.

Lightweight Base Coverage

To truly enhance your freckles, avoid heavy, cake-y foundations, as they mute and dull freckles. Instead, opt for a tinted moisturizer, mineral makeup or a BB cream -- beauty balm creams, aka BB creams, offer lightweight coverage with added skin care benefits. Each offers lightweight coverage that won't gray-out your speckles. A CC** cream -- color corrector cream -- can also help even out skin tone (think redness or blotchy skin), with buildable, lightweight coverage. However, if you're a fan of traditional cream foundation, choose a foundation with a sheer texture**, which should be indicated on the bottle, as it will even skin tone while letting freckles shine.

Blushing Cheeks

When it comes to blushes and bronzers, in general, cool-toned hues work best, as they differ just enough from your freckles and overall skin color to radiate your complexion. Aim for a natural look that doesn't contrast nor blend in too much with your natural skin color. Both should accent and illuminate your freckles. Cool-toned pinks and coral blushes give your cheeks a pop and help freckles shine. But if you have fairer skin, too much pink can cover your freckles, so choose a muted mocha with a hint of color, which works for both cool and warm skin tones. As for bronzers -- opt out of orange-y colors and look for something close to your natural skin tone.

"The most important tip for blush? Never, ever skip it." -- Refinery29

Lip Locked

The same color scheme applies to your lips as your cheeks: pretty in pink. Pinks and pinkish browns highlight freckles and draw them out -- go up or down the pink scale to find your perfect shade. But, if you have spots on or around your lips, your freckles may shine through and/or distract from your lip color. To cover up freckles on your lips, cover the entire lip in a liner the same shade as your lipstick or use a neutral-colored liner to cover up your freckles, then apply lipstick. If you have freckles around the lip area, cover them with a peachy concealer, which cancels them out.