If you have freckles on your face, than you may think that finding the perfect makeup is next to impossible. However, makeup companies have great products for you too! It may take a little extra work, but choosing the best makeup if you’re freckled will help you look your absolute best.

Things You'll Need

Choosing Makeup for Freckled Skin

Choose a foundation, concealer and powder that work for you. If you’re freckled, look for a color that allows the freckles to show through instead of trying to hide them. Freckles are very beautiful to most people.

Use a full coverage liquid concealer if you wish to hide your freckles.

Look for soft blushes that match nicely with the naturally flushed color of your skin. Avoid pinks, especially if you have red hair.

Play up your freckles with your eyes. Use brown eyeliners for definition and mascaras and eye shadows that will complement your eye color. Avoid an eye shadow color that matches your freckles.

Line your lips for definition if necessary. Use a color that is the same or just slightly darker than the lipstick you will be using.

Choose plums, mauves and browns for lip colors. Avoid pinks, light colors and oranges, as they will not complement your skin tone in most cases.

Define and darken your eyebrows with a pencil matching your natural hair color.

Test all products at a makeup counter before purchase.


  • Resist the urge to try to completely cover up your freckles. It doesn’t usually work well, and many people think freckles are attractive anyway!