How To Change Your Hair Texture

By Aksana Nikolai

A lot of people say they are not happy with the natural texture of their hair. Fortunately for them, the market is flooded with a myriad of products and treatments that change the feel and look of their hair. Consumers have a variety of options to choose from, including products that can be used at home to produce temporary results and salon treatments that provide a more permanent change.


Use a straightening iron to flatten curls or waves. If you have coarse, thick curls, using a straightener in combination with a hair relaxing product can soften your locks significantly. Opt for a professional relaxing treatment if you want results that will last for more than a month.

Apply texturizing paste or gel to short- or medium-length hair, which will result in a "piecey," chunky look. Such products are particularly useful for creating spikes or bevels.

Use a thickening spray or mousse on fine, flat hair. This method is often used by women who want to add volume to a part of their hair, for example the bangs. Brushing the product through the hair with a wide tooth comb will maximize body and volume. Your hair stylist can also do this for you as part of a professional blowout with results that may last several days.

Put freshly-washed straight hair into a bun and allow it to dry naturally throughout the course of several hours. Once you let your hair down, it should have a loose, natural wave and some volume to it. If a curly or wavy style is something that you would like to be able to wear every day, consider investing in a professional perm.

Prevent frizz and add shine to thick, unruly hair by applying pomade.