Many people, teenagers especially, purchase mood rings for fun. They understand that the rings are supposed to change colors as their moods shift. What they don't understand is how this happens. The mood ring is actually made up of tiny liquid crystals that turn different colors based on temperature. If the wearer gets excited and her body temperature begins to rise, the ring will change color.

Take your mood ring and rub an ice cube over it. Watch as the ring begins to turn a dark black color. This is because you have significantly changed the temperature and caused the crystals to react. A black reading is supposed to mean that you are stressed out, angry or getting sick.

Place your mood ring in a glass of water that has reached room temperature. The mood ring should turn a yellow or gray color. This happens because the room temperature water is still cooler than body temperature. Yellow is said to mean that you are bored or distracted while gray means that you are nervous or anxious about something.

Slide the mood ring on your finger. Chances are it will turn green, color the ring is set to show for the average body temperature. Green means that you are calm and at ease, without stress.

Warm up a cup of water and set the mood ring in it. It should become a bright blue color. Blue means that you are doing something stimulating or something that makes you excited.

Plug in your heating pad and when it gets hot place the mood ring on it. The ring will turn a dark blue which is the color for the highest temperature your ring will recognize. This color indicates romance or passion. Love is in the air if you see dark blue.


  • You can wear the ring and wait for your body temperature to change the colors, but it is more fun using cooling and heating methods to view all of the colors of the mood ring.