How to Change Swimwear on the Beach

By Megan Curley

Spending the day at the beach requires preparation. Along with bottled water and food, you might also need to bring a change of clothes if you are planning on spending the entire day in the sea and sand. If you head to a beach that doesn't have a public restroom or changing room, changing out of your swimwear on the beach may be your only option. If you plan ahead of time, you can change quickly and easily.

Step 1

Check your surroundings. Make certain no one is going to approach you while you're attempting to change.

Step 2

Make sure the outfit you want to change into is unpacked and ready. Place the clothing on your beach chair or blanket for easy access.

Step 3

Wrap a large beach or bath towel around your body. Wrap the towel tightly under the armpits and across the chest. The towel should extend past your knees, covering your body. If you are with someone, you can have them hold a towel around you or just keep a lookout for any curious eyes.

Step 4

Hold the towel closed with one hand and use your other hand to reach under the towel and pull off your bathing suit or swimwear. Unclasp bikini tops by reaching behind your shoulders.

Step 5

Pull on other clothes or swim wear while remaining wrapped in the towel. Once you are clothed, put the towel away and adjust your clothing.