How to Change Philip Stein Watch Straps

By Gail Logan

Philip Stein watches are known for good-quality parts and revolutionary technology. Each piece uses a natural frequency technology or an electromagnetic frequency technology. These processes emit a frequency that is said to keep the body in proper balance, resulting in more rest, less stress and a general sense of better health for the wearer. The watch strap can be changed with ease if the current band becomes worn or if the wearer desires a new look.

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Step 1

Pick the watch strap that is designed to fit the model of your watch. Check the Philip Stein website or visit a Philip Stein retailer to find out which strap correlates to your watch face.

Step 2

Check the length of your current watch band by measuring from end to end in order to determine the proper size of the new strap.

Step 3

Take off the existing straps by pulling up on the clasp that is underneath the strap next to the side of the watch face.

Step 4

Push the clasp of the new watch strap through the open slot at the top and bottom of the watch face where the previous strap was removed. Snap clasp shut.