How to Care for and Repair a Louis Vuitton Handbag

By Steven White

Louis Vuitton is a designer handbag and wallet manufacturer located in France. The average cost of a Louis Vuitton handbag is between three and four thousand dollars. It is these high prices that have led to many knock-off Louis Vuitton bags being sold. The response from Louis Vuitton is an all-out crackdown on knock-off manufacturers and a strict policy for repairing Louis Vuitton handbags. While some minor repairs and damage prevention can be done at home, any actual physical repairs require Louis Vuitton expertise.



Step 1

Rub down the leather of your bag with mink oil spray every three months. This will keep the leather moist and supple to prevent cracking.

Step 2

Wrap your seasonal purses in a 220+ thread count pillowcase, stuff it with breathable cotton cloth and store it upright in a cool, dark closet. This will prevent any dust and distortion of the bag.

Step 3

Avoid storing liquid ink pens, chocolate and nail polish in your Louis Vuitton purse, as these substances will permanently stain the interior and leather.

Minor Repair

Step 1

Remove dust and grime from your Louis Vuitton handbag with a soft and slightly moist cotton cloth. Rub very gently and with the grain of the leather to avoid damaging it.

Step 2

Remove stains from the interior fabric with a soft cotton cloth moistened with some hydrogen peroxide. The peroxide will gently bleach the stain. If the stain is ink or coffee it will slightly discolour the interior fabric.

Step 3

Loosen a stiff zipper by rubbing the zipper teeth with a dry bar of soap. Wipe away any excess soap with a cotton cloth. The soap will coat the zipper essentially eliminating any snags.

Step 4

Take the purse to an authorized Louis Vuitton retailer for any physical repairs including loose stitching, malfunctioning zippers, broken snaps and tears. Louis Vuitton has a strict policy that all repairs must be done by one of their authorized personnel. Any physical repairs attempted by a customer will be undone and repaired "properly" by a Louis Vuitton repair person and you will be charged for the repairs.