By Martin Adamovic

Platform shoes are back in fashion. Most of the platform shoes out there today are fairly expensive designer shoes, making them a difficult purchase to justify if you just want to have fun wearing platform shoes. The good news is that you can make your own pair quite easily and inexpensively at home.

Platform shoes can be made at home

Step 1

Cut two pieces of wood at least 4 inches thick to the size of your shoe. Use a flat-bottom shoe as a model, and trace around it on the wood. Cut the wood with a miter saw.

Step 2

Purchase two wooden wedges (used as doorstops). Make sure that they are shorter in length than the platforms.

Step 3

Sand all of your pieces of wood. Sand the edges of the wooden platforms briefly to remove any rough spots and sharp edges.

Step 4

Apply wood glue to thoroughly coat the edges of the wedges. Stick one of the wedges against one of the platforms, press firmly and hold until the wedge sticks on its own. Make sure that the edges of the platform and the wedge are lined up. Repeat with the other shoe. Allow the glue to dry for at least 2 hours.

Step 5

Re-sand the edges of the shoes. Make sure to sand down any wood glue spillover so that the surface is smooth.

Step 6

Apply a coat of liquid sand to the underside of the shoe, where the wedge and the platform meet. Allow the liquid sand to dry for at least an hour.

Step 7

Paint the shoe. Decorate the shoes with whatever design you want. Let the paint dry and then cover the shoe with a wood sealant.

Step 8

Make shoe straps. Cut 4 pieces of leather long enough to fit snugly on your foot. Nail two of the leather straps on each side of the platform, placing the nails a minimum of 1/4 inch from edge of the wooden platform to prevent splitting the platform.