Here are a few simple tips for brightening up gray hairs...

FIGURE OUT WHY HAIR IS GRAYING: As you start to age, gray hairs begin to appear (typically in your 30's). The lack of color in our hair typically comes from a lack of pigmentation caused by the decrease in melatonin in our body as we age. Some may gray earlier, others later.

REPLACE MELATONIN: New evidence has shown that for some men and women, replacing the melatonin in the body can actually cause hair color to change back to the original color. Before, the only option was to let it gray, or do semi permanent or permanent washes in an effort to correct the hair color. And often, because of the gray pigment, many women weren't able to obtain their original hair color when color treating.

A melatonin shampoo wash called PG-168 Pigment Restorer is available to help fix gray hairs. Simply wash 1/8-1/4 of an ounce into the hair. Most people begin to notice results within one week. This wash is much more concentrated than melatonin pills, and is safe and natural to apply to the hair. See the link at the end of the article under "Pigment Restorer" for more information. You will need to scroll down the page until you reach "Restoring the Hair's Pigment."

FIND HOME REMEDIES: There are several all natural ingredients within your home that when mixed together can whiten your hair, or even restore pigment. Mixtures such as egg yolk, black tea, and mayonaise concoctions are thought to whiten hair or restore pigment. For those who can't stomach massaging black tea and salt into your hair, fortunately for you there are several other options.

USE WHITENING SHAMPOOS: There are many whitening shampoos available, but for this article I chose the one that appeared the most in beauty articles and also came most highly recommended. Phyto Phytargent Whitening Shampoo, available through is an all natural whitening shampoo containing chamomile azulene. The phytargent acts to naturally brighten silver pigments and whiten gray hair. A 6.7 oz bottle will cost you $24, but should last you a long time.

MAINTAIN THAT GRAY: Sometimes, woman feel that going gray hair will be easier to maintain, and less money spent on dying in the salon. However, you will find that is not the case. Gray, white, or silver hair is much drier and brittle and will require the use of special shampoos, conditioners and products on the hair that are able to restore shine. These products will be more costly than what you are used to spending on your hair, however, you will notice you still spend a little less than you were when you were dying it all the time.