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Many men and women color their hair at home. While this method of hair coloring will save you a lot of money and a trip to the salon every four to six weeks, you can also run into a lot of problems, including choosing -- or mixing -- the wrong colors, thereby leaving your hair much darker than you intended. If you hate your hair color, or are just tired of it, you'll have to strip it. Stripping your hair with L'Oreal Colorzap is much safer than bleaching your hair, and it leaves your hair ready to be dyed immediately afterwards.

Pour the Colorzap liquid corrective color into the color remover powder bottle. Mix the chemicals thoroughly by shaking the bottle for 1 minute.

Apply the Colorzap liquid to the bottom of your hair first; work the liquid through to the tips of the hair.

Apply the Colorzap liquid to the top of your head next. Work the liquid into your roots and the rest of your until completely saturated. Massage the liquid into your hair like in the same way as if you were dyeing it.

Fit a hair cap over your head and hair. If you have very long hair, you can use a hair clip to keep your hair piled on top of your head.

Apply the heat from a hair dryer to your hair for the amount of time recommended in the instructions. Make sure you keep the hair dryer set on the lowest heat setting to prevent your hair from drying out.

Remove the cap, and rinse your hair under warm water. Rinse the Colorzap liquid out of your hair as if you were rinsing out shampoo. Let your hair air dry.

Color your hair as normal. Colorzap will remove all pigments from your hair, leaving you with an orange-gold tone, so dyeing it will be necessary to get a more natural look.