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Although moccasins are designed to offer comfort, new moccasins can be very uncomfortable. They are often stiff, and many people find that their feet hurt after wearing them. This initial discomfort comes from the design. The shoe is created with sheepskin or leather, both of which will contract and become stiff. The stiffness is even more evident with moccasins because they are often worn without socks, forcing your foot to come into contact with the stiff lining of the shoe. It will take a few days and a little effort to break in your moccasins.

Bend the portion of the moccasin that is uncomfortable when worn, such as the heel or toe area, by hand. Flexing the leather will help stretch it.

If the liners are stiff, remove them and hand-wash in Woolite. Lay them flat and allow to air day. Once dry, pull them lengthwise to stretch them. When placing them back in the shoe, roll them from the toe to the heel area, fluffy side up.

Place a golf ball, or another ball of similar size, inside the moccasin. Move the ball forward and situate it in the toe of the shoe. You may need two balls to stretch this area, depending on the width of your foot. Allow the balls to sit there for two or three days to stretch the leather.

Clean and dry your feet before slipping them into a pair of moccasins; don't wear any socks. Although bare feet come into contact more with the stiff hide, you need the leather to form around your foot to break them in. After they are broken in, you may wear thin socks or continue to wear none.

Lace them up all the way. Move your foot as far forward in the shoe as possible, and be sure that your foot is centered over the sole. The bottom of the laces must be tight.

Place your foot flat on the floor. Move your foot up in the shoe, so the tip of your toes are only 1/4 inch from the toe stitch. This will help create an imprint of your foot in the leather.

Hang the moccasins up so the leather can breathe. Leather that can't breathe is stiffer and uncomfortable to wear. Don't place them in a closet or on the floor.

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