By Christina Whitaker

Dark hair often grows on the stomach area, which may be unsightly for some. Hair on the stomach generally grows below the navel on both men and women. In addition to waxing or shaving, you can bleach stomach hair to make it less visible. Bleaching will, effectually, create blonde hair that is not seen easily against your skin. Bleaching may be more effective on lighter skin tomes, as blonde hair may still be visible against darker skin.

Bleach stomach hair to make it less visible.

Step 1

Mix the bleach and activator together in container provided using the mixing stick.

Step 2

Perform a patch test on a small area on your wrist by applying the bleach mixture to your skin. If your skin does not turn red or itch, you should not experience an allergic reaction and can proceed as normal.

Step 3

Apply the bleach to your stomach hair and allow to sit for the time noted in the instructions.

Step 4

Wipe clean with a damp cloth. Ensure that you have removed all bleach by rinsing your stomach two to three times. You can also use soap to thoroughly cleanse the area of all bleach.

Step 5

Pat skin dry using a soft towel to finish.