How to Bedazzle Clothing

By LeafTV Editor

Whether you lived through the first round of Bedazzling in the 1980s or are new to the idea, rest assured that clothing does not have to be drab and dull. You can add color, sparkle and pizazz to clothing by following the steps below to learn how to Bedazzle.

Bedazzled heart shape
credit: Leysan/iStock/GettyImages
How To Bedazzle Clothing


Purchase a Bedazzler and the extra rhinestone studs that are needed to Bedazzle clothing of your choice.

Decide on the design that you want to Bedazzle. Popular choices are stars, hearts, zodiac signs and words such as "fabulous," "diva" or "princess".

Choose the colors of the rhinestone studs. Shop at different craft stores for a variety of rhinestone colors.

Load the Bedazzler machine with a rhinestone stud. Center the top of the Bedazzler over the exact spot that you want the stud placed. Press down on the handle of the Bedazzler. It will feel a lot like a stapler.

Check the back of the stud that you have just Bedazzled onto your clothing to press down any prongs that may not have clamped down firmly enough. Proceed with the rest of the design.


  • Bedazzlers are available in craft stores such as Michael's and A.C. Moore.