How to Become a Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle Expert

By Theresa Pickett

Becoming a beauty, fashion and lifestyle expert is a good choice for people who love helping others look their best. You can create tips beneficial for others who want to keep their appearances tidy and classy. Start by educating yourself on all aspects of personal maintenance and have fun with your knowledge, then use it to bond with other people. You might begin to radiate from within as a result of your own lifestyle choices and from the new friends you will make.

Show off your confidence as a beauty, fashion and lifestyle expert.

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Keep flipping those pages! An expert is educated on her topics of interest.

Step 1

Research by reading contemporary beauty articles. Integrate the advice from these articles into your own life. For instance, Allure magazine rated the top 53 beauty products in 2009 (see Resources). The advice from this article can help you generate your own opinions about beauty products. Try out the products yourself and listen to friends tell you what they think of different beauty products. The more opinions you study, the better educated you will become.

Choose clothes that fit well and accent your body type.

Step 2

Tidy up your image. Your wardrobe is the ideal place to start. Your clothes should tell people that you have a genuine interest in your own appearance. Choose clothes that say classy and elegant by finding clothes that flatter your body. Visit websites such as to find styles that complement your body shape. The colors of your clothes must accentuate your skin, according to Also, your clothes need to fit well. Nothing should be excessively baggy or tight.

Leave a strong impression with your advice.

Step 3

Clean out your makeup bag and throw out anything that is past its expiration date. Makeup sponges need to be replaced more often than other items. According to Marie Claire magazine, the shelf life of a makeup sponge is only one week. Buy makeup that is high quality, so you give the right impression. For instance, your foundation should not cake and leave lines in your skin. People should see your beautiful face, not your makeup. Keep colors simple and natural.

Choose organic to get away from processed foods.

Step 4

Reinvent yourself from within and take an extra moment to consider what you put in your mouth. Convince people that you are worth listening to with the new glow you have from eating a diet rich in antioxidants. According to, you should avoid synthetic pesticides and fertilizers, antibiotics and growth hormones by eating organic. Local food has the added benefit of helping your community's economy.

Journal about patterns you see in your day. Change your life one day at a time.

Step 5

Keep track of what makes you happy, and jot everything down in a journal. Write about the impact your day-to-day life choices have on you. For instance, notice whether coffee makes you nervous or energizes you, and if it makes you nervous, stop drinking it. Pay attention to trends, and work hard to change your lifestyle so you appear well rested and healthy. Making strong decisions daily is important to show others that you have control over your own life.

Clear 30 minutes each day to go outside and move!

Step 6

Find time to exercise. People will listen to you if you come off as a strong, vibrant person. Become the person that you want to be. Others will notice the change in you, and they will begin to want your advice. Turning exercising into a group activity has the added benefit of giving you time to discuss beauty tips with your friends.