How to Be Beautiful at 50 Without Surgery

By LeafTV Contributor

These days, it's harder to tell a woman's age. Along with myriad beauty techniques and products, women over 50 no longer have to trade beauty for blah. But some women reject the idea of invasive procedures, preferring a more natural approach.


The Myth, the Methods, the Message

Two myths surround beautiful older women: one, older women are meant to act their age and accept that beauty fades; two: only those older women willing to have a face-lift and tuck with their annual tax returns will keep 20 years off indefinitely. Between these two extremes lies a beautiful, intriguing woman who is realistic, confident and deliberate in taking care of herself.

You were stunning back in the 1970s. That style worked beautifully back then, but it's time to run -- not walk -- into the 21st century. Get as many fashion magazines as you can find, and look for hairstyles, fashions and an abundance of attitude representative of today's mature woman.

Skin begins to lose collagen as we age. It's just a fact of life, and not even Hollywood stars can avoid it; hence, the booming cosmetic surgery field in Los Angeles. But cosmetic surgery does not come without risks. Before choosing surgery, do a ton of research, ask for recommendations, and think carefully. Remember, one cosmetic procedure will not prevent the natural aging process. Keeping up with results of that first procedure can lead down a path of repeated surgeries.

After you've updated your attitude, your hairstyle and your wardrobe, consider a skin care consultant to diagnose your skin type, tone, texture and problem areas and put together a regimen for you. Additionally, day spas that offer chemical peels and facials can be fantastic for rejuvenating your skin, but be clear that you want to avoid harsh chemicals.


Last but certainly not least, take care of yourself. Drink six to eight glasses of water daily. Exercise at least three days a week: Walk, jog, join a pilates class, swim, play tennis, go dancing. Stay engaged. Read, get involved in politics, volunteer, do things that motivate you to learn more and be influential. At 50, it's time for a fresh perspective.