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Skin care is a personal thing. What works for one person's skin can wreak havoc on another's. Following a regular skin routine is valuable for anyone. One part of that is using toner. While not necessary for all skin, it is ideal for oily skin. Toners remove cleanser and makeup residue as well as return skin to the natural pH level. The best ways to apply toners to the face depends on the formula of the toner.


Cream or gel toners are best applied with tissues. Avoid using tissue with liquid toners, as they are too watery. Tissues works well, as they controls the amount of toner you apply to the skin. Cotton can absorb too much of the toner in comparison to the tissue. To use the tissue, apply the toner to the tissue and wipe it gently on your face.

Cotton Balls

Cotton balls are one of the best ways to apply all toners to the face. The easy-to-handle size and ability to absorb liquid, gel or creamy toners. When applying toner to cotton balls, take care not to use too much, as they absorb a lot. Use one or two cotton balls when applying toner and sweep onto the face.


Cream and gel toners have light textures that are best for oily skin. Some even fight acne by containing salicylic acid. The best way to apply these toners to the face is with the hands. Clean your hands before applying it. Apply it to the face much the same way you apply cleanser.


Toners that come in spray form should only be applied by spraying it directly on the face. They tend to be the most like water and quite runny. Apply spray toner by closing your mouth and eyes and spraying it two or three times on the face. Do not spray too much or it will run down the face.