How to Be a Personal Grocery Shopper

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With many two-income families finding it hard to find time to do their shopping, there has been an increase of personal grocery shoppers available to these families. Personal grocery shoppers will work with you to devise a weekly menu and suggest seasonal products for freshness and quality.

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How To Be A Personal Grocery Shopper

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How to Be a Personal Grocery Shopper

Find potential clients in the supermarket by handing out your business card to clients you see on a weeknight or weekend. If they are trying to juggle both the shopping, their cell phone and children, they are a perfect candidate to consider your services.

List your services in This is a free website that lists service and community events that people search to find people like personal grocery shoppers.

Post your business card in the community board area. Tack several in a stack and replace frequently.

Meet with your clients and suggest a weekly service to start. Give them a discount if they sign up for a three month trial period.

Arrange for a mode of communication that works best for them. Do they prefer to communicate by email, by phone or by weekly meetings. Find out if you are driving the menu development or are they going to provide you with a list.

Purchase large catering holding containers. They can be purchased at wholesale restaurant supply marts. They will keep your clients food chilled or frozen for four hours while you deliver all your clients food. They can run from $200 to $400 each, but will be a valuable asset when you realize they can keep ice cream from melting.

Purchase the food from the grocery store of your customers' choice. Purchase the ingredients and have put them away from their fridge. Make sure you follow the safe storage procedures followed by food safety professionals.

Offer your clients a one-time discount in your services if they refer you to another client and they sign a contract. Word of mouth marketing is a great way to build your business.