Carolina Herrera is a well-known designer of high-end merchandise, from fragrances and evening gowns to cocktail dresses and accessories. Her handbags are expensive, constructed from fine fabrics or leathers and often embossed with her signature “CH” logo. If you’re interested in an authentic Carolina Herrera handbag but aren’t quite sure if it’s a fake, there are several tell-tale signs to ensure you don’t waste your money.

Feel the material, especially if the bag is constructed from leather. Real leather feels soft, supple and smooth. A fake is generally constructed from a plastic-like material that feels inexpensive and rigid.

Examine the bag’s hardware, including the zipper. Authentic Carolina Herrera bags feature a zipper without missing teeth and work without catching. The hardware, including snaps and embellishments, will be free of any scratches or defects. If the bag features a poorly constructed zipper, and hardware that feels light and is visibly fading or chipping, it’s probably a fake.

Look over the purse’s stitching. High end designer handbags, including Carolina Herrera, often feature hand sewing or precise machine sewing, which is always straight without any loose threads or missing stitches. The thread will also match throughout the entire handbag and often blends with the canvas or leather’s color. If the bag in question features mismatched thread, poor craftsmanship or missing stiches – it’s likely a replica.

Check the “CK” logo, which is often featured on Carolina Herrera bags. The CK logo is always embossed on the leather in straight rows or geometric patterns. If the CK logo is obviously stamped onto the handbag or unevenly embossed, the bag is a fake.

Examine the original packaging, if available. It will always feature luxurious materials, even down to the tissue paper. If the handbag is packaged in poorly constructed materials, chances are it is a fake.

Examine the handbag’s label. Authentic handbags will feature the full name “Carolina Herrera” or “CH Carolina Herrera,” which is the lifestyle brand that features a line of handbags. If the names are misspelled on the label, it’s a fake.