How to Apply Pirate Makeup

By LeafTV Editor

Apply pirate makeup to complete a pirate costume. A pirate spends hours at sea, in the sun and the cosmetics you choose should reflect that. A pirate spends time outside, developing a natural glow and bronzed cheeks. The pirate also likes to collect riches. Enhance the look by using the liquid adhesive called spirit gum to apply a fake mustache or a braid on the chin to look like Jack Sparrow.

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How To Apply Pirate Makeup

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Draw a light line in the shape of an eye patch around one eye, without getting too close to the eye itself. Continue the line from the eye to the temple. Draw a second line from the top of the eye patch shape across the forehead, angled up. Use a real eye patch as a guide and outline it.

Apply adhesive gum to a few spots on the drawn eye patch. Pick up a rhinestone or sequin with the tweezers and place it on the spirit gum. Continue applying the spirit gum and the rhinestones until they form the complete outline of a pirate patch. Now you can be a sexy pirate with a patch and you will still be able to see where you are walking or driving.

Smooth a metallic eye shadow of your choice to the eyelid. Blend it over the crease of the eye. This will create a dramatic, night time took for the pirate make up. Use a natural brown eyeliner to lightly line the upper eyelid.

Apply a shiny lipstick to the lips. Or use a favorite lipstick color and add some lip gloss or lip shine.

Brush the entire face with face bronzing powder. Pay special attention to adding extra brush strokes to the cheek bones and the jaw line. The bronze powder creates a sun-lit glow. Dust some bronze powder on the neck and the bosom as well.


  • Add a pair of silver or gold hoop earrings.