How to Apply Natural Looking Eyeshadow

By Elle Paula

Makeup is an art. It creates a wide range of looks, from extremely simple to totally dramatic. The great thing about eye shadow is that it comes in so many different colors and finishes that you have complete control over your finished look. If you want to give your eyes a little oomph but prefer to look like you're not wearing any makeup at all, there's a way you can do that. The focus of natural-looking eye shadow is to cover up any discolorations while accentuating natural highlights and shadows of the eye.

Choosing Your Colors

To create a natural eye shadow look, you'll need three colors: an eye shadow that matches your skin tone, an eye shadow that's one to two shades darker than your skin tone, and a highlight color that is a shimmery off-white. It may seem like a lot to create a look that makes it appear as though you're not wearing any makeup at all, but the effort is minimal and with practice, you can achieve this look in less than five minutes.

Apply a Base

Apply an eye shadow base to your entire eye. Dab some primer on the pad of your ring finger and blend it in over your eyelid, from the lash line all the way to your brow.

Pro Tip: Some eye shadow bases come in a variety of colors. If you find one that matches your skin tone, you can use that in place of the eye shadow. Just apply the base in a thin layer, let it dry and then move on to your crease color.

Apply Skin-tone Shade

Use a fluffy blending brush to pick up some of the color that matches your skin tone. Brush this color onto your entire eyelid area, from your lash line up to your brow. This helps even out your skin tone on your eyelid without changing its natural color.

Apply the Crease Color

Pick up some of the slightly darker shade on that same blending brush and apply it to your crease. This slightly enhances your natural contour, creating some depth without being too over the top. Place the tip of the brush in the outer corner of your eye and move the brush back and forth in windshield-wiper motions across the crease.

Brighten With Highlighter

Grab some of the off-white color with a pointed pencil brush. This color serves as your highlight. It brightens and opens up your eyes, making you appear refreshed and alert but not too made up. Apply this color on your inner tear ducts and right under your brow bone. Blend the color out so that it still gives a nice sheen but is not too noticeable.